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Create Better Direct Mail For The Holidays

Holiday Direct Mail

The best way to get attention and drive response with holiday direct mail fis to have some creative fun with it! If you are not currently being extra creative with your direct mail pieces during the massive influx of advertising mail this time of year, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Consider these holiday direct mail ideas:

1. Die Cuts:

Using special die cut shapes is a great way to grab attention. You can really get creative here. Incorporating a holiday theme with your shape is fun and easy. I have seen some really fun ideas here such a special ornaments that can be popped out and hung on a tree. We have even seen ones where when you open the mailer, it takes on a whole new shape with each panel. This is fun for recipients and draws them into the mailer.

2. Mobile:

Everyone has a mobile device with them at all times, so how can you make your direct mail integrate with them? Have you considered augmented reality? This is a great way to take direct mail to a whole new level of experience. Do something different that people will really like and respond to!

3. Interactive:

You can draw attention to your mail by making it interactive. Direct mail is tactile, are you taking advantage of that? Consider one or more of these ideas: scratch and sniff, endless folds or textured coatings. Create ways that people can have fun with your mail piece. The idea here is to maximize the things that can only be done with direct mail. There is no other marketing channel like direct mail, bring that power to your pieces.

4. Video:

People love to watch videos! Have you considered how you can add them to a direct mailer? This will really help you stand out.

Is your head popping with new holiday direct mail ideas? Don’t let them fizzle out; write down a couple of ideas right now. Now it’s time to plan out a strategy. What are you trying to accomplish? You still need to do your normal direct mail due diligence. This means targeting your list, formulating your message and planning your call to action. Just because you are going to do something fun, does not mean that you stop the actions required to generate a response. Lack of proper planning is just throwing your money away. Are you ready to get started?