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Create Your 2016 Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing San Diego

In order to reap the benefits of good social media marketing you need to have a plan. So let’s start 2016 with that plan. This does not need to be overly complicated nor should it take you several days to create. Make sure to carve out a couple of hours to dedicate to the process and really think it through.

Your Plan:

Set your objectives:

Think about what you are trying to accomplish, do you want to increase recognition of your company, or increase engagement with customers and prospects? Or something else entirely or even a combination of things can be helpful.

Set your metrics:

Once you know what you want to accomplish, then you can plan how to monitor it to see if what you are doing is working. There are many ways to do this from number of followers and shares to hits on specific pages. Make sure to clearly identify how you will track the metrics and who will do it.

Select your channels:

Take the time to look and see what channels your competitors are using. Do you think they are the right channels? Remember you can set your plan as a roll out so that you are not using all the channels all at once. Concentrate on the ones you feel will be the best to reach your audience first. Then you can add channels as you go along.

Set your schedule:

Once you have done the three steps above you are ready to plan out a schedule. This is easiest when set on a calendar format. Then you can see what is posting when and where it is posting. This also makes it easier to share with multiple people.

Assign duties:

You need to select the people who will be carrying out the plan. Assigning who will is responsible for what and how they will be held accountable will help to get your plan on track and keep it there. Remember to assign someone not only to make posts but also to listen and give responses.


After your first planned month take time to review not just your metrics, but how your overall plan is going. Do you need to make some changes? Many times after the first month your objectives may have changed. Take this time to make those modifications as well as check to see if the metrics are working or need to be changed.

Social media marketing is a great way to reach a large number of people. However, you need to continually monitor and update it. This really requires you to have a plan. Of course it will be a fluid plan that changes, but the plan you set in place to start with should be well thought out and specific. The better your plan, the better results you are going to get.

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