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Neyenesch Printers COVID-19 Response

To our customers and partners:

Thank you for being a part of the Neyenesch community. As we move to offset the spread of COVID-19  and the mounting challenges we’re faced with today, our team has implemented the latest CDC recommendations and are taking additional steps to remain fluid and operational.

Neyenesch Printers is qualified as an Essential Business as defined by the Department of Homeland Security and the California Safer at Home and we will continue to provide services to our customers.

As we continue to produce at normal capacity we have modify our workforce to:

• Implement remote work arrangements for office personnel

• Follow CDC protocols throughout our facility; maintain social distancing of six feet, frequent hand washing, and disinfect workstations at the start and end of each shift

• Implement a one-hour gap between shift changes to minimize employee contact

• Restrict non-essential personnel, customers, and vendors from our facility

• Work with our supply chain partners to ensure uninterrupted materials, products and services are maintained

• Offer virtual proofing with remote access for multiple users

• We can provide multiple hard proofs for review via teleconference

• Provide storage and fulfillment of customers printed material

As we all know, uncertainties related to our health, both physical and financial, will cause hesitation and concern for our collective future. Through it all, Neyenesch is here to support and serve you. We have spent the last century continuously adapting to the ever-changing business climate of the print industry; including economic uncertainties, and have learned to make prudent decisions to protect our employees, customers and the health of our company.

With a commitment to our community, we are open for business. If there is any way that we can help you, please reach out 619-297-2281.

Stay Connected,
The Neyenesch Team