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Could You Improve Your Email Marketing ROI?

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Email Marketing ROI

Could You Improve Your Email Marketing ROI?

Your email marketing ROI (Return on investment) is very important. What other email metrics are important to you? What can you do to create better email campaigns? You can use what is in your data to keep your content relevant and effective. How you say? Check out these tips.

9 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Know

1. Open Rate

The average open rate is 24%. Knowing yours is important to making decisions about future campaigns. Personalized subject lines get better open rates.

2. Device Type

Knowing what devises people use to view your emails is very important. Most people are now opening their emails on mobile devices.

3. Spam Rate

If you get marked as spam too often your provider may block your account. Make sure you are sending emails that are relevant to your audience.

4. Bounce Rate

This shows you how many of your emails were not delivered. High bounce rates are a problem.

5. Unsubscribe Rate

This is important because it indicates whether you are sending information that your audience finds value in. If not, they start saying goodbye. This can also happen if you send emails too often.

6. Click Through Rate

The average click through is between 1 to 5%. Your call to action really matters. In order to improve click through rates you need a call to action that interests your audience.

7. Share Rate

When you send a good offer people share it with family and friends this is a great way to grow your business. Make sure to provide quick share buttons.

8. Conversion Rate

This tracks how many people bought your product or service from the email. The better this number is the more effective your email marketing was.

9. Subscriber Rate

How many of your leads become email subscribers? This is important as you need to continually grow your email list.

Paying attention to the email metrics allows you optimize your campaigns for the best results. There are a few more tips we can give you to maximize your email marketing ROI. Be sure to use video in your emails, people love it. Personalize your subject line, copy and offers to draw people in. Lastly consider the time zones your audience is in. You should segment your list to send at the appropriate time in each time zone. Are you ready to get started?

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