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Can QR Codes Help Your Direct Mail in 2022?

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Can QR Codes Help Your Direct Mail in 2022?

QR codes, or quick response codes were created by the Japanese in 1994 for quality control in manufacturing. In 2022, marketers are using QR codes in innovative ways to provide customers with product information, videos, to drive sales and more. They don’t have to be boring black dots either, you can embed an image as well as use colors. You can create direct mail in 2022 that is creative, fun, interactive and has a great response rate!

QR codes help make direct mail in 2022 interactive by connecting to websites, videos and more. Your direct mail becomes an integrated campaign. The best thing about adding QR codes to your direct mail is that it gives you online tractability for visits to your landing page. You can offer more information on the page as well as extras for the people who were interested and scanned the code.

It is possible to have unique QR codes so that each person is directed to their own personalized site. This can help you tailor your message directly to them and increase your response rate. Another benefit is that you can have the recipient keep the mail piece to use multiple times. You have the ability to change the landing page offers as often as you want. This can be coupons, discounts or specials once a month or in whatever increment you desire. That turns your direct mail piece into a useful item for the long-term. It also keeps the recipient engaged with your company.

QR Codes can increase the effectiveness of your direct mail in many ways. The most important is by telling the recipient to scan the QR Code as there is an instant call to action when they are most responsive to your message. The QR Code also allows you to provide more details about your product or service and offer exclusive discounts. The best part about QR Codes is you can track your results to see what is working and what is not in real time.

10 direct mail in 2022 QR code ideas:

  1. Create a drawing for free products or services and have the recipient scan the code to be entered. Use this opportunity to ask them some questions that will further help your marketing.
  2. Create an event calendar, which when the QR Code is scanned, is auto updated into the recipient’s phone calendar.
  3. Create a QR Code that links to details about the product or service you want them to know about on a mobile friendly page.
  4. Create a QR Code that will automatically dial your number when scanned for the recipient to get questions answered immediately.
  5. Create a QR Code that links to a mobile website with a virtual tour.
  6. Create a QR Code that allows people to register for your event and pay for it at the same time.
  7. Create a QR Code that links to your inventory for your customers to know how many items you have available. Make sure they have a way to order from that site too.
  8. Create a QR Code that links to customer reviews so they can see what others are saying about you.
  9. Create a QR Code that gives a special offer to only those who have scanned the code.
  10. Create a QR Code that links to nutritional information or online menu ordering.

There are so many ways QR Codes can be used with direct mail in 2022, so be creative and fun with it. You can add pictures and themes to your QR Codes to make them interesting. Make sure that all your linked sites are mobile friendly and easy to navigate. No one wants dead links and hard to push buttons. Are you ready to get started? We can help! Contact us today! We are glad to help!