Direct Mail

Best Words To Use in Direct Mail Marketing


The words you use in your direct mail pieces have the power to inspire, empower, create desire and drive purchases. Therefore, the words you choose are extremely important. Some words will bring you a great response rate and others can kill it. Direct mail marketing is especially vulnerable to a bad choice of words. The visual design catches their eye but if the words do not convince them to take action, you will not get the desired response. With that in mind, here is a short list of the best words to use in your direct mail marketing campaign as well as the worst ones. Sometimes knowing what not to say is more valuable than knowing what to say.

Best 25 words to use in your direct mail:

  • Free
  • Amazing
  • Discover
  • Easy
  • You
  • Yes
  • Guarantee
  • Because
  • Health
  • How To
  • Sale
  • Benefits
  • Save
  • Money
  • New
  • Now
  • Proven
  • Results
  • Safety
  • Announcing
  • Fast
  • Power
  • Secrets
  • Solution
  • Why

Now you need to avoid the worst 14 words to use:

  • Expensive
  • Charge
  • Price
  • Cost
  • Sign
  • Loose
  • Buy
  • Risk
  • Deal
  • Obligation
  • Complicated
  • Sold
  • Try
  • Bad

Of course there are many more in each category but these are the best of the best and worst of the worst. When creating the copy for your direct mail campaign make sure to consider how each word builds toward or away from your message. Keep in mind that you need to use words that drive the action of the recipient toward your call to action, such as call, email, text, or visit a website. Remember to keep your words simple and to stay away from acronyms. Wonderful words will mean nothing if they are not understood or driving the correct response.

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