Email Marketing

Best Practices For Writing a Follow-up Email


The best thing? Sending out a really well-crafted marketing email that you know will knock their socks off and persuade them that yes, they should in fact do business with you.

But the worst thing? Sending out that email and hearing nothing—silence. It can lead to a feeling of despair. But don’t let that guide you. Instead, take aim at the next thing—the follow up email.

Here’s the thing about a follow up email, or really any email in general. That subject line? You shouldn’t ignore it. In fact, email holds such power that every element in its creation is important. Think about this: three out of four marketers use email, which is an increase of over 80 percent in just two years. When it comes to B2C marketers, there’s an even bigger growth rate. So it’s time to get crafting an amazing follow up email, and this graphic helps you do it.

When They Don’t Respond, Here’s How You Write a Follow-Up Email