Social Media Marketing

The Bathtub Theory of Social Media Marketing

This is a great marketing theory to apply to social media marketing. The reason it works is that it focuses not only on acquiring new customers but in keeping the ones you already have. Many times we forget about our current customers/followers while searching for new ones.

To start let’s make sure we are all on the same page about how the theory works. Your social media channels are the bathtub. The tub has cracks and leaks (customers/followers leave). Your acquisition programs are the faucets that help to fill the tub with water (new customers/followers). Some customers stay put and engaged with you, some just don’t pay attention to you very often, and then some leak out and move on. Some people may like other tubs (competitors) better or felt like they were mistreated or they could not afford to stay in your tub anymore. The trick to keep the bathtub filled is to spend your marketing money in the most efficient way. When you can plug the leaks (remember, you can’t plug them all) then you are succeeding.

So what methods will help you keep filling the tub? Social media marketing is very efficient at all points from prospecting thru follow-up after a purchase. Don’t forget to use social media for customer service too. When you are open with your social media marketing communication people can see how great it is to do business with you. You need a constant flow of marketing to keep filling your tub. Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C you need to continue to market yourselves effectively. Combining your efforts across multiple social media channels, helps to increase awareness in the recipient’s brain about your product or service and therefore increases the chances of them buying from you.

Now you can’t fill your tub with just anyone. You need to find the right people who need your business to help them. The right people are the ones who need what you offer, can afford what you offer and have a history of using businesses such as yours. Social media marketing ads are targetable. You can direct your message to the right people. The more right people you have, the less leak out.

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