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Avoid Email Marketing Spam Filters

Email Marketing

Spam filters are the bane of everyone using email marketing.

You don’t want to waste your time, effort and money. There are many reasons why your email marketing could end up in your subscribers’ spam folder. The most common reason is that spam words were used in the email. Keep in mind that you need to watch both your subject line and body copy language. So what words should you avoid?

Top 5 Spam Words To Avoid In Email Marketing:

1. Click Here

Instead try order now, read more, learn more, subscribe or contact us for your call to action button. These get the point across and will not be a spam problem.

2. Free

This is the most frequently used spam word. Do not use in your subject line. You can use one time in the body copy but no more than that.

3. Great Offer

Think of other phrases to convey this information without using these two words. The word discount should also be avoided.

4. Guarantee

Do not use this word! You can save it for other marketing channels, in email it will send you to spam.

5. Risk Free

This stands out as a major spam phrase so do not put them in your email.

Also remember not to use all caps in your subject lines. The most important part of your email marketing is the subject line. It’s the first thing your readers see. You need it to be powerful to get them to open it. The best email subject lines are short, descriptive and give the reader a reason to read more. Stay away from using cheesy phrases, they will be ignored. The best thing is to keep your subject lines simple and to the point. Need more tips? check out this post from Hubspot.

Using spam words in email will ensure your email marketing goes straight into your subscribers’ spam folders. Avoiding these 5 words will help to protect your reputation and keep you from wasting money on emails no one sees. The most effective email marketing stays away from spam words, is clear, concise, pleasing to the eye, personalized and has a powerful subject line. Are you ready to get started?