Mobile Marketing

Are You Making These Mobile Marketing Mistakes?


Mobile is an important part of marketing, yet many companies are still making bad mistakes. Are you one of them? Before you plan your next campaign, make sure to investigate the mistakes others have made so that you can avoid them. There are unique aspects to mobile that can hinder your success.

Let’s look at 3 common mobile marketing mistakes:

  1. Creativity – Many times marketers are less enthusiastic about mobile marketing. This can lead to less creative campaigns. Don’t allow this to happen. People respond to creativity. You can use all kinds of fun ways to get people to join your mobile marketing campaigns and integrate them with your other channels to increase engagement. Scavenger hunts, photo contests, videos and so much more are available to you. Create fun and interactive mobile experiences for your customers and prospects and they will keep coming back.
  2. Limited Thinking – Mobile marketing is more than text messages or mobile ads. Many marketers focus on only these two areas. This is a mistake. Most people now get their email on mobile devices, are you sending email messages that are mobile ready? Your website is seen more often from a mobile device than a desktop computer, is your website mobile ready? You should also be adding mobile to your print materials such as brochures, posters, signs and direct mail. Are your print pieces mobile ready? Finally if you have a location that you need to drive traffic to you need to be using mobile location based marketing, are you?
  3. Seamlessness – Your customers and prospects expect their experience with your company to be seamless across channels. Are you ready for that? No matter where they start with your company they should easily be able to make a purchase and that includes from their phones. Do you have a mobile friendly check out? You can make it easier for people on your check out if you allow them to login with social media accounts, have touch button promo code discounts and drop down menus that make navigation easy. The easier it is for them to move around your marketing channels the more people you will get to make a purchase.

As with any marketing channel, your success will be based on your ability to correctly target the right offers to the right people. You can create awesome omni-channel experiences that drive better response rates when you incorporate mobile. Think from the perspective of your customers and prospects, what will they need, want and enjoy, when you do your engagement will increase. Are you ready to get started?

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