Accurate Color Proofs Led to Special Effects Publication Using Neyenesch

For a visual effects magazine to be called “required reading” by George Lucas, you know it must be beautifully produced. That’s exactly the case with Cinefex, a quarterly publication for aficionados of the movie arts.

Imagine vibrant images of the Incredible Hulk, so crisp, so visually stunning they pop. Imagine The Joker and his menacing, yet captivating grimace, printed on fine quality paper. Imagine Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, or Darth Vader from Lucas’ own space epic, Star Wars. To illustrate these dynamic, unforgettable characters with the ultimate photographic impact, Cinefex needs to have total confidence in its printer. That’s why they chose Neyenesch.

Here’s how it happened: Cinefex, which has been publishing since 1980 and is collected by visual effects enthusiasts all across the world, had been working with the same printer for nearly 30 years when its publisher decided to make a change in 2011. Finding its next printing company was not being taken lightly. This was a critical decision for the magazine’s enduring success.

To make the right decision, Cinefex implemented a process for interviewing printing companies like ours. Although the magazine is based in Riverside, California, Cinefex approached Neyenesch as a possible partner. Keep in mind, first-class production and exceptional value are truly Cinefex’s most important considerations. Anything less would not fly.

In order to be considered, Neyenesch had to demonstrate the ability to precisely match color profiles being used by the magazine’s talented editorial staff. To meet this objective, Neyenesch was asked to produce identical color proofs to those Cinefex uses in its editorial process. Color tests were conducted, and as our designation as a G7 Master Printer by IDEAlliance would have you expect, the results were precisely spot-on.

In addition, our pricing was the most competitive ofall the printers in consideration. It was the perfect combination of value and quality. Neyenesch was awarded our first issue and printed it successfully. Since that time, based on our performance, Cinefex has committed to a long-term relationship. We have worked closely with them to reduce turn-around time, optimize bindery finishing, manage multi-versioning, and make other improvements.

As we do with all of our clients, we will always look for ways to help ensure a top-notch publication for Cinefex and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.