9 Reasons to Print

1. Impact – In the mail or in person, a printed piece is noticed more than any kind of electronic communication. People see it, read it, hold it, and remember it.

2. Personalization – Print has the power to customize every piece to every person. And a personalized message can tie in to your e-marketing. That’s a powerful combination.

3. Surface – Print gives your targeted audience something to touch and feel and interact with. Gloss, dull, foil, textures, emboss, die-cut, and more. Try doing that with a Twitter feed.

4. Environment – Paper is a renewable resource; unlike electricity, server farms or computer components. Plus, the Neyenesch environmental management system is ISO certified.

5. Delivery – Your message gets in to the hands of the people that matter. Not spam-filtered or deleted, but personally received by the targeted decision maker.

6. Credibility – A printed piece represents a genuine entity. An e-mail message might be spam, but a well-crafted brochure represents your company in a way that can be trusted.

7. Quality – No other advertising method is able to convey as much respect to the recipient. Good design, materials, and a printer like Neyenesch combine to make that possible.

8. Economy – Compared to any other marketing media, printed material – especially direct mail – provides the most cost effective way to deliver your message.

9. Neyenesch – Remarkable Quality and Service in Print