Social Media Marketing

7 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, however, just because more companies are doing it, does not mean that they are doing it well. Social media marketing can help to transform your marketing when it is done well and in conjunction with other channels.

Check out these 7 tips to get your social media marketing on the right track:

1. Focus:

Your attention should be focused on your social media culture. In other words do not put too much emphasis on content when in reality you should be cultivating an environment that invites conversation, sharing and listening. Social media can be a marketers dream when done well.

2. ROI:

Social media ROI should not be seen as a short term goal. It is a long term channel that builds upon itself as time goes on. Yes you can look at ROI based on campaigns, but the real measure needs to look farther out. Don’t limit yourself by looking only to each campaign, broaden your lens to encompass a year, then 2 years and so on.

3. Responsiveness:

In many cases the most vocal social media posts are complaints. It is important to address them in an open and honest way so that your company’s reputation can grow correctly. One thing that many companies forget is to make sure to respond to the positive posts as well. When someone has something good to say about you broadcast that as much as possible and make them feel special.

4. Connected:

Social media should connect all your marketing channel efforts. Get discussions going about each campaign you are doing and drive people to share as well as comment. Drive awareness, curiosity and engagement. When you use social media as a connector all your marketing efforts can see benefits.

5. Problems:

Look we all know we are not perfect as human beings and the same goes for companies as they are comprised of humans. Sometimes in marketing we make mistakes. It is important in the age of social media to admit when you are wrong. Gain the respect of your followers but owning up to the problem, fixing it and moving on. No one wants to do business with a lair or a company that lies to cover up their mistakes.

6. SEO:

Social media can play a critical role in SEO. Look at social media as a way to drive traffic based on keywords to your content on your website. The more traffic the better your SEO ranking gets. Social media is a great way to build your SEO as long as you are following best practices and providing real relevant content. If you would like more information on SEO click here.

7. Differentiation:

Use social media as a way to differentiate your company from your competition. Be a thought leader in discussions and provide real relevant tips and tricks that followers can use to improve themselves or their business. Remain true to the company’s core strength and the brand. Do not confuse people with mixed messages.

Social media can be a real boost to your marketing efforts. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Have some fun in social media and build a strong honest foundation for people to connect with. Have questions, contact us today. We are glad to help!