6 Second Ads And Their Impact On The Future Of Marketing

Marketing Ads 

6-second marketing ads have recently captured the attention of some of the largest marketing and advertising agencies in the country, as well as some of the nation’s largest marketing and brand executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs. With the growth of social media and the way people view ads, came the development of a variety of different modes of advertising, media clips, media platforms and more. This led to an influx of 15 – 30 second videos (and sometimes longer) that appear on multiple social media platforms. However, now the way people view ads, is changing.

Decisions made by ad executives, who are the driving force behind ad content selections, have taken somewhat of a turn in a different direction. That’s because now, certain demographics command shorter ad clips to accommodate their short attention span. Demographics such as the millennials and generation Z are causing these well-seasoned marketers, ad executives and business owners to take a second look at how they present ads.

Along with many other changes to how businesses are strategizing their growth, marketers are noticing that the 15 to 30-second videos are barely holding the attention of this demanding demographic. They are now positioning themselves to create savvy, 6-second ads, that reach this younger group in the manner that they like to be communicated to – as quickly as possible! This has caused quite a stir in the marketing industry and thus new changes are now underway. If you want to learn more about this growing trend, below is some information on how 6-second ads are finding their way into the marketplace and how it’s impacting the future.

Put on Your Seat Belts as Top Marketing Ad Executives Make the Shift to 6 Second Ads

As many top ad executives have taken notice to the impact that 6-second marketing ads are having on the younger generation, now during 2017’s fourth quarter, steps are being made to soon follow suit in the effort to reach this generation with shorter, more focused ads. In fact, the 4th Qtr. of 2017 is now what’s considered the incubation phase for 6-second video ads – with 2018 being the target period for many top ad and marketing agencies. Now is the time to buckle up as they prepare to hit the ground running when the 2018 rolls in.

Also referred to as snackable content, snack-sized clips, or bumper ads, giants such as Fox, Facebook, Google and others have expressed their interest in jumping on board with the 6-second ads. These industrial giants, as well as others, are seemingly forced to adjust their ad formats for 2018. They are now focussed on developing more savvy, direct, and to the point advertising strategies to reach the millennials and generation Z as this new ad trend continues to grow.

The Impact 6-Second Marketing Ads Have on Media Outlets

There has been quite a buzz built around this newly developing 6-second ad era. This new format also comes the question of “what are the best media platforms to use when launching these 6-second ads?” The question to ask is “Where do most millennials and generation Z consumers go to watch videos?” Of course, there are platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and more, but there’s also the consideration of using these ads as commercials during popular shows or online movies that are watched on platforms such as YouTube. There’s also your own website and your own social media platforms that you could consider as well. Whichever platform you decide to go with should be based on whether or not your target market could be influenced by a shorter advertisement. This plays a huge role in how you reach and capture the attention of your demographic as well.

Whichever ad strategy you decide to use, you should take steps towards shifting gears towards shorter video ads. That way you will be able to hit the ground running for the beginning of the new year with plans to launch more 6-second ads as this audience increases their demand for them.

Shorter marketing ads come with the need to be creative and get their attention – but make it count. Your ads have to not only capture the attention of your potential customer, but also have a clear call to action that converts them into a visitor or lead to your website, app, or product page.