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5 Tips For Better Mobile Marketing Response

Mobile Marketing Response

Mobile Marketing Response

5 Tips For Better Mobile Marketing Response

Did you know that according to a report from Forrester’s Retail Wave, smartphones contributed retail purchases of USD $1 trillion in the US in 2018? Imagine what it will be for 2020.  Are you prepared? Your customers and prospects expect an easy mobile purchase experience, are you currently providing that? So how can you drive more mobile marketing response?  

How To Increase Mobile Marketing Response:

1. Design

This is more than just color scheme and what pictures to use. There are much more important things to consider first. Make sure you are using large sizes to accommodate touch screen selection and scrolling. Almost 80-90% of smartphone users use their phones in portrait orientation make sure your layout works that way. Keep in mind that the standard font size is 16px for copy.

2. Call to Action

Your CTA is very important. Use action words to entice response. Make sure that they are easy to read and stand out. Be concise.

3. Forms

Your forms should be a single column. Shorter is better, so only ask for information that is vital to you. Customers don’t like a form which asks for too much information as it takes a lot of effort, so they abandon it.

4. Automation

Make it super easy for customers and prospects to complete information by using automation programming. This should include autocorrect, autocomplete and autodetection. What will these do? They fix data errors, fill in information automatically, finish what people start to enter and detect where people are as well as what type of credit card they are starting to type.

5. Drop Downs

Do not use drop downs! They are cumbersome and annoy people. Instead use sliders for ease of use. Make sure the font sizing is big enough for easy viewing.

Mobile marketing sales will continue to increase so making sure you are staying current with technology is very important. Mobile marketing response  isn’t about being flashy. It’s about doing everything you can to be available on mobile when your customers want to make a purchase. You need to meet their needs whenever they encounter you on a mobile device. Searching for ways to connect with your mobile customers should be a key focal point for your marketing strategy. Are you ready to get started?

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