5 Common Fulfillment Mistakes

Fulfillment Mistakes

Fulfillment mistakes will happen. As humans we all make mistakes from time to time. The key for fulfillment is to minimize the mistakes and for the ones that happen, try to catch them before they ship out. The best way to avoid mistakes is to plan for them and have a QC process that identifies the issue in time to fix it.

Errors not only cost you time and money, but they can cost you a client. So, let’s look at the 5 most common fulfillment mistakes. You can then create an action plan to prevent them.

  1. Damaged or Incorrect Items – Making sure that your packaging adequately protects your products is important. No one wants to get their order and find it broken. Secondly, you need a QC process in place that checks the items packed against the order before the box is closed and shipped. Sending the wrong item in most cases will lose you a client.
  2. Missing Inventory – The most important thing is to have your inventory numbers correct. When they are not, someone can place an order for an item you do not have. This is frustrating for everyone. Make sure that accurate inventory is maintained and you are cycle counting on a regular basis.
  3. Returns – You need to have a process in place to quickly handle returns. This will allow you to get inventory back where it belongs and either refunds or replacements sent to customers requesting them. Make sure that you are also inspecting the items for damage. You do not want to put a defective item back into inventory when it should have been discarded.
  4. Not Meeting Expectations – You need to set your customer expectations up front when they order. Provide an accurate timeline for order processing and shipping. Clearly communicate shipping options and timing. Once shipped provide tracking numbers so they will know when to expect the package.
  5. Communication – Problems happen so you need to have a plan in place on how to notify customers when they do. The more you communicate the better your customer feels about the whole process. Shine with your customer service!

Planning fulfillment out strategically will help you avoid the costly mistakes. Neyenesch has a proven track record of successful fulfillment kitting, packing, shipping and inventory. Let us help you build your business and support your customers.

Creating a smooth process will not only keep your customers happy but will keep your employees productive too. Planning for mistakes and communicating with customers will go a long way in turning customers into repeat buyers. After all that is what we would like to do with every customer. Are you ready to get started? Neyenesch can help. Call us today (619) 297-2281 or email contact@neyenesch.com