Direct Mail

5 Best Ways To Use Personalized Direct Mail

Personalization in direct mail marketing is a great way to get recipients attention and in our current climate, expected. The more personalization you can use, the more responses you are going to get. Generally this type of direct mail is considered to be variable data printing since what each person receives will vary depending on who they are. The best personalization is when you are able to target correctly what the person wants or needs to buy. So let’s take a look at some ways we can personalize direct mail in a way that is very beneficial.

Best use of personalization is not a name. Check out these 5 personalization methods:

  1. Images: When you are able to select images that are most appropriate for each person you will drive response. You may not need a different image for every person; you may be able to group them as like individuals that would react in the same way. It just needs to feel personal to everyone on your mail list.
  2. Maps/Directions: Imagine wanting to get people to your store for a sale. Not only in there a coupon on the mailer but also a personalized map from their home to your store. This can work well for any location based marketing.
  3. Coupons: Provide a discount on a product or service that they have used before or one that goes along with something they have purchased before. This can be a great incentive for them to try something new.
  4. Call To Action: Personalizing your calls to action help to get people to respond. It gives you the appearance of providing a special offer just to them. When you make them feel special they are more inclined to buy.
  5. Copy: Personalized copy is more than just adding their name. It is adding information you know about them, their history and needs and so on that pulls them and makes them take action. Think of what information you have and how that can be used in your direct mail copy.

Personalization boosts the power of direct mail to increase your ROI. A very important caution, when using personalization, you need to make sure you have it right. Sending the wrong image, coupon, map/directions, call to action or copy to people is not only a waste of money, but can really make them mad. Mad translates into people who go from brand advocates to brand detractors. The madder they are the more people they tell. You must set QC procedures in place to find errors before they go out in the mail. You must get it right!

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