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3D Print and Direct Mail Gets Results

3D print and direct mail

Have you considered 3D print and direct mail? Since direct mail has been around for a long time, most people know what to expect when they check their mail box. There will be some postcards, envelopes and self-mailers along with magazines. As they sort through the mail and see what interests them, you want to be one of the “let’s look at this” pile.

You can reach that pile as long as you provide them with something intriguing. What you really want once you are in this pile, is to get beyond the casual look and toss, you need to stand out and be remembered. So, how do you do that?

Why Use 3D Print and Direct Mail?

  • Catch Attention Quick: With 3D Glasses your mail piece is interactive and fun. In a focus group, all potential recipients said they would put on the glasses and read the piece.
  • Spread the Word: Not only do your recipients read and enjoy your piece, but then they save the direct mail piece and show it to family, friends or associates.
  • Have Fun: Create a fun experience for your recipients. Use cartoons, games or other fun themes to show them what a great company you are as well as how you can help them. Remember, it’s all about them.
  • Get Creative: Think of ways to create great 3D experiences and maybe make it into a series. Get recipients looking forward to the next instalment and continue to drive interest in your company.

3D print and direct mail marketing is powerful. Take advantage of this with your next direct mail campaign. When the recipient opens the mailer and puts on the 3D glasses to read your message, you are well on your way to getting that person to purchase from you.

This is a great type of mailer to have fun with. Why not make the 3D something useful so that they keep it around for a long time? You can also incorporate the 3D into your emails and landing pages as well, to continue to generate interest and extend your marketing reach.

Make your direct mail a multi-channel campaign. Using 3D print and direct mail can also be a great way to spark conversation on social media. Ask recipients to share their stories, post photos and tell you what they think on your social media accounts. Make sure to include the links for them to use. You can tell them funny stories of people around the office using the glasses as an opening to get responses.

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