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3 Ways To Fix Stagnant Email Marketing

San Diego Stagnant Email Marketing

Stagnant email marketing is a challenge as inboxes get more crowded and filtering software gets more sophisticated many marketing emails get lost. This can create a stagnant email marketing program. So, how can you fix it?

3 ways to fix your stagnant email marketing program:

1. Relevant:

Look we all have to face the fact that not every email is going to be relevant to everyone on the list. We need to segment our lists each time in order to only send to the people who would be interested in the offer. If you continue to send email messages to people that have no value to them they will either unsubscribe or report you as spam. Either way you lose. You must make the effort to categorize people correctly based on what they sign up for, what they respond to, as well as what they buy.

2. Content/Design:

Coordinating meaningful content with design for each recipient is a must. In most cases this means you will be creating versions with tailored content and design to your segments. This includes designing for mobile viewing. More emails are viewed on mobile devices now than they are on PC’s. You also need to refresh your look periodically. Don’t use the same old layout and colors, spice it up by adding something new. With that in mind, keep it simple with easy to use buttons. The content copy should be minimal, just enough to draw curiosity to push the button. The landing pages can have more details.

3. List:

Your list is not about size. It’s about engagement. How many people are interacting with your emails? Do you know who they are and what they are clicking on? This is very valuable information that should be a part of your database. You can use this information to segment your list for targeted messaging. Knowing who in your list has been inactive for a time is valuable too, could you target them in a different way? You need to not only make it easy for people to opt-out by law, but make it easy to sign up as well. This will help keep your list fresh and hopefully growing.

If you are able to take the 3 items above and make the necessary changes, you should see a lift in your email responses. There is no be-all-end-all for everyone. You must work with your list and offers to find out what works best for you in each of your segments. It may be that more emails to one segment group is better than to another. Tracking all your information about each person and campaign is the best way to identify what changes you need to make and will give you ideas on new things you can try. Keep in mind absence can make the heart grow fonder, so try mixing up the scheduling a bit. They may open an email if they hadn’t received one for a while, looking for something NEW!    

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