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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing

San Diego Social Media Marketing

Let’s be honest right up front today it is not good enough to have just a website for your business. If your company still doesn’t have any social media accounts or if you have them but they are not being updated regularly it time to get going.

Here are 3 reasons to use social media marketing right now:


You have more access to information about your customers and prospects through Facebook and Twitter. You can learn so much about them and as a result you can make adjustments to your marketing. You can ask questions and get instant feedback about your product or service. They can be your free focus group. Another great thing is that you can learn of problems quickly and be able to respond right away. People appreciate companies that respond to their problems. Make sure to address as much as you can in the open so that others can see how you resolve problems as they judge how trustworthy you are.


Keep in mind that people are receptive to social media messages. Information on social networks is not seen as marketing messaging, so they are more likely to read what you are saying and like or share it. Even if you are not using social media right now, your competition is, so start looking at what they are doing. What could you do better? Put your plan together and start doing it today!


If the above two reasons are not good enough, the last one is you will get more sales! When you stay in front of customers and prospects while interacting with them on social media they are more likely to buy from you. Feel free to send a coupon out via social media, you may be surprised at your response. The best part is you can find new customers not only through friends of your followers but also by keeping an eye on specific keywords that are related to your business. Reach out to people with your solutions to their problems!

Your marketing strategy needs to include social media for more than just the 3 reasons above. You need to get started now. Time is wasting and potential customers are slipping away to your competitors. Social media marketing does not have to be a huge task. Write a simple plan, include a calendar of what you will post and when, keep in mind that you can share information that has been written by others. If it in relevant to your customers and prospects share it. Most important in your plan is to have a way to listen to your feedback. There are several monitoring software’s out there to help you. Stop procrastinating and just do it!

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