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2021 Email Marketing Holiday Subject Lines

email marketing holiday

email marketing holiday

2021 Email Marketing Holiday Subject Lines

You may be thinking that it is too soon to consider holiday emails, but you would be wrong. The earlier you get planning the better your email marketing holiday campaigns will be. Since your subject lines either make or break your email campaign, you need to really craft good ones. If you don’t grab attention and make people want to open your email with your subject line, then you might as well have been spam. So how can you craft the best subject lines?

Here are a few tips for Email Marketing Holiday Subject Lines:

  • Keep it simple and concise
  • Make sure it conveys exactly what the email is about
  • Use humor in your subject line to make it stand out
  • Make it controversial or shocking to generate curiosity
  • Personalize it to make it seem more important
  • Use questions to generate interest and get more opens

So, you are probably saying, well that sounds great but where do I start. So, in case you need some real-world examples we have some great ones here for each holiday.

Halloween subject line examples:

  1. Fang-Tastic Halloween Savings – 4 Days Only (Petsmart)
  2. 25% Off Our Eerie-Sistible Halloween Collection (FineStationery.Com)
  3. Better Than Candy (Bliss Spa)
  4. Forget Tricks. Here’s Our Treat… (Wholesaleforeveryone)
  5. Zombie Apocalypse: Who Do You Save? The One With The Gift Card

Thanksgiving subject line examples:

  1. Pack These For Your Thanksgiving Travels (Stuart Weitzman IT)
  2. Wines That Go With Turkey (And All The Sides)- (Expressions Of The Vine)
  3. What Are You Wearing To Thanksgiving? (Flag And Anthem)
  4. Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks (Gygi)
  5. Sneak Peak Deals! Save Room For Thanksgiving

Christmas subject line examples:

  1. Are Your Holiday Cards In The Mail Yet? Get 60% Off! (VerticalResponse)
  2. We’re Feeling Very Merry. Get 50% Off Your Order. (Shutterfly)
  3. Our Surprise Offer Is WRAPPING Up! (BANANA REPUBLIC)
  4. Merry Crustmas! Surprise Your Family With A Pizza Dinner!
  5. Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! It’s Off To Saks Fifth Avenue We Go!

New Year’s subject line examples:

  1. Holiday Stress Level: Zero – New Year, New Neutrals (Urban Outfitters)
  2. Your Wish List Is About To Grow
  3. New Year New Me, Blah Blah Sale Is Going Quick
  4. Welcome The New Year With Bigger And Better Deals
  5. Get Your New Year’s Resolution Off To A New Start

Remember that the more creative and fun you make your email marketing holiday subject lines the better your response rates are going to be. You can always test subject lines by segmenting your list to see which one works better. Just because it is holiday season does not mean you should inundate your subscribers with too many emails. Keep your normal cadence just give them some extra special offers. Don’t forget to suggest they share your offer with a friend. The more people who see your message the better your results will be. Are you ready to get started? We can help, contact us today.. We are glad to help!