Mobile Marketing

2019 Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Gone are the days when you could choose to ignore mobile marketing.

Mobile devices put the world’s information directly into the hands of your customers and prospects 24/7. The companies that have recognized the power of mobile are able to drive deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers and prospects. In 2019 you need to have an active mobile marketing program. This does not have to cost a fortune.

Let’s look at some mobile marketing integration ideas.

Augmented Reality

Build engagement with your prospects and customers by integrating AR into your direct mail, print ads, apps and more.


Create an app for your customers to make it easier to do business with you and that allows you to send coupons and special notifications.


Ask customers to sign up for text messages to get the latest deals from you. Keep in mind that too many messages too often will get people to opt out.


You can create mobile ads, for better results use formats that are less intrusive and offer a better user experience, such as interactive ads, animated banners and videos.


This is a great way to market to people that are near you at any given time. You can draw people in with special deals as they get near you.

Mobile Checkout 

Make sure that you have an easy to navigate check out for mobile users making purchases. In 2019 expect more purchases to be made on a mobile device than any other format.


Make sure that all your email marketing is in mobile format to make it easy for your customers and prospects to use.

No matter how you use mobile marketing, it needs to help your prospects and customers. Mobile can help you boost your customer engagement and bring you closer to your prospects. As with most marketing channels, the key to good mobile marketing is your data. Targeting the right people with the right message is a must. Remember that mobile marketing works better with integration. When planning out your mobile strategy, think about creating synergy between your different channels. Are you ready to get started?

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