Direct Mail

2019 Direct Mail Postage Increase

USPS 2021 Postage rate increase

Direct mail postage rates are going to increase on January 27, 2019.

Are you ready? There are some pretty dramatic postage changes that will happen with rates. Let’s look at a few of them.

Priority Mail & Parcels:

Priority Mail Express:

Has an overall increase of 3.9%. One new aspect for 2019 is that dimensional weighting will be implemented.

Priority Mail:

Has an average increase of 5.9%. Dimensional weighting will also apply here.

Parcel Select:

There is a bright spot here as parcel select ground will actually see a 1.3% decrease. While parcel select lightweight will increase by 12.3%. The prices for non-lightweight parcel select will increase 9.3%. Dimensional weighting will also be implemented for non-lightweight parcel select over one cubic foot. Finally an optional small parcel forwarding fee of $4.53 will be introduced for shippers of parcel select lightweight parcels.

First Class, Standard (Marketing Mail) and Nonprofit

First-Class Mail:

Has an overall increase of 2.486%. First class stamps will be $0.55 each while metered mail will be $0.50 each. One way to save money is to switch to meter from stamps. For presorted first class mail you can still mail up to 3.5 ounces for letter size pieces at the same postage cost.

USPS Marketing (Standard) Mail:

Has an overall increase of 2.479%. This category can also weigh up to 3.5 ounces before the postage rates change. You can now get a $0.003 discount on your postage when you mail full service.

One thing of note is that the post office reduced the non-machinable surcharge to $0.15 each down from $0.21 each. There are many direct mail postage rates that need to be looked at more closely so we have created a chart for you. Since there are so many rates the chart does not hold them all. If you have specific rate questions that are not on the chart please contact us. We can give you whatever rates you need.