Direct Mail

15 Ways To Use Direct Mail Successfully

Direct Mail

Direct mail success is achievable. There are 15 great ways to use direct mail successfully, do you use them? In 2018 direct mail is still a very powerful marketing channel. Did you know that direct mail is both easier to understand and more memorable than digital marketing channels? It requires 21% less cognitive effort to process and is easier to remember. Direct mail is also far more persuasive than digital. It motivates response 20% more than digital. So, since direct mail is visually processed quicker and motives more response, your message gets across faster. However, you need to know how direct mail success works best.

Here are the 15 ways to best use direct mail:

1. Generate Traffic

Are you having a sale at your store, on your website or a special event? Direct mail is a great way to target the right people to drive traffic to all three.

2. Generate Qualified Participants

When you have a program or a study with specific requirements direct mail provides a great way to target the specific people qualified to participate.

3. Generate Sales Leads

Reach out to people who have shown an interest in your product or service with direct mail to move them farther along your sales funnel.

4. Covertly Counter a Competitive Offer

Has one of your competitors offered deals that people are responding to? You can use direct mail to send a counter offer without your competition knowing about it.

5. Build Engagement 

Direct mail is a great way to build engagement with customers and prospects. You can send them mail pieces that are interactive and fun.

6. Customer Loyalty

Use direct mail to give special offers to your best customers.

7. Customer Acquisition or Referrals

Direct mail provides an easy way for your message to be passed on to friends and family. Include a special referral offer and see your response rate increase.

8. Improve Customer Service

There are so many ways you can use direct mail to improve your customer service, such as sending thank you notes, surveys, special gifts and more.

9. Cross Sell or Upsell

Don’t forget to mention other products or services that your prospect or customer may be interested in.

10. Announcements 

Direct mail is a great way to get information out to people quickly and have them take notice of it. Many times digital announcements are overlooked.

11. Multi-Channel

Direct mail makes augmenting with other channels such as email, web, social media, mobile, and more very easy.

12. Improving Sales Efficiency

Direct mail allows you to qualify people before you try to sell to them. Don’t waste your sales rep’s time and energy on people who are not going to buy from you.

13. Catalogs, Custom Publications or Newsletters

Direct mail gives you the ability to showcase new information, tips or offers that people will remember.

14. Combining Mailings with Other Companies

Direct mail has many value added mailers or coupon books you can be a part of to get your message sent out at a lower cost.

15. Building Brand Awareness

The more your prospects and customers know your brand the more they buy. Reach out to them via direct mail at specific intervals to keep you top of mind.

Direct mail success is achievable. Don’t let another month pass you by without trying direct mail for one of these 15 reasons. You will not be sorry you did. When used as part of a multi-channel campaign, direct mail can significantly enhance your response rate. Are you ready to get started?

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