The Power of Partnership

22 years ago a group of creatives in San Diego asked the question “Why do we design?” and from that discussion, the AIGA San Diego Y-Conference was born. Since 1996, the AIGA has invited leading thinkers, doers and makers from creative communities around the world to San Diego to answer that question and share their… Read More

Tips for a Successful Press Check

You’ve spent hours of creative time and energy designing a masterpiece for your client. You’ve defended your vision and resisted compromise. PDF’s, position proofs and color proofs have been reviewed and you’ve tweaked color and content. It is now time to put ink on paper, the final step in your creative journey. Here are a… Read More

Surprising Facts About Print

Paper is a resource that most people use on a daily basis in some way, shape or form. We believe that paper has a profound impact on daily lives and can continue to impact for the better if we are conscious and informed about the choices we make when using it. Did you know printing… Read More

Quality. Defined.

The Quality Management System at Neyenesch has been audited and certified to the ISO 9001 standard for 14 years. It’s a distinction we’re quite proud of, but the real benefit is for you – our customers. The reason is that our certification is not some unsubstantiated claim about quality; it’s objectively validated by a third-party… Read More

The more things change…

Having a background in both printing and mailing, it seems obvious that if a piece is printing digitally and mailing, that Variable Data Printing is the only way to go. Even the most basic use of variable data can make a big difference, yet so few people are using it to even a fraction of… Read More

A 21st Century Approach to Marketing with Print

You can’t deny the fact consumers’ behaviors have changed. We’re in the Internet age, and marketers’ strategies need to reflect today’s environment. But don’t be fooled into thinking direct mail is going extinct like some rare bird. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association has found direct mail boasts a 3.4 percent open rate, which compares to e-mail’s average… Read More

Accurate Color Proofs Led to Special Effects Publication Using Neyenesch

For a visual effects magazine to be called “required reading” by George Lucas, you know it must be beautifully produced. That’s exactly the case with Cinefex, a quarterly publication for aficionados of the movie arts. Imagine vibrant images of the Incredible Hulk, so crisp, so visually stunning they pop. Imagine The Joker and his menacing, yet captivating grimace,… Read More

A Huge Cost-Savings Opportunity

Did that headline get your attention? If you’re like most people, and you’re looking to save a few pennies wherever you can, it probably did the trick. No matter what business you’re in, everyone is looking for ways to save money on printing projects. Thinner paper, smaller sizes, fewer pages – every bit of cost… Read More

This little bottle

The folks next door are expanding their parking garage. They’ve done extensive digging to put in a couple of parking levels below street level and came across some interesting things. The Foreman gave me a little bottle thinking we might have bought our printing ink this way long ago. Turns out this bottle contained ink… Read More